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Young Shin Revotec – Foil Stamping and Embossing 1040FS

The Young Shin REVOTEC 1040FS is a hot foil stamping machine that can also be used as a stand-alone die cutter with stripping. The innovative technology of the 1040FS sets this unit apart from its competitors. The REVOTEC 1040FS only requires a foil path of 6’ as compared to 40’ on other brands. The foil also travels with the sheet in the same direction eliminating the excessive leader often required by other competitors while shortening the foil’s transport and path through the stamper. Another advantage is that the foil rewind units are located in the stripping section. What makes the REVOTEC 1040FS such a valuable investment is that it can easily be changed to run diecutting and stripping jobs within 30 minutes offering a unique flexibility of use not found on the market today. The REVOTEC 1040FS features the many advantages offered in the highly-acclaimed REVOTEC series including:

  • An economical investment with initial and operational cost savings
  • UL-certified electronics including UL-wiring
  • Offers a 20% greater weight advantage when compared to other rival models
  • A 25% greater impressional tonnage capacity
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REVOTEC 1040FS Series

Maximum Sheet Size 40.94” x 29.13”
Minimum Sheet Size 17.32” x 13.38”
Maximum Cutting Size 40.94” x 28.74”
Inside Chase 43.33” x 30.07”
Cutting Pressure 331 US Tons
Maximum Cutting Speed 6600 sph
Maximum Stamping Speed 5000 sph
Sheet Thickness Carton Board: 0.004” ~ 0.060”

Corrugated Board: (B Flute) : 0.157”)

Weight 22 US Tons

Foil Stamping

Maximum Foil Dimension Ø 7.87”
Foil Width 1.18” ~ 40.15”
Foil Puller Sheet – Longitude

Foil Puller Sheet – Latitude

3 Shafts

2 Shafts

Rewinding Shaft – Longitude

Rewinding Shaft – Latitude

6 Shafts

2 Shafts

Heating Zone 12 Zones
Temperature Control Range 392° F
Rewinding Box 6 Shafts


Sheet and foil can be separated with the unit’s integrated a