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Client Snapshot

TriState Container Corporation – Bensalem, PA

Young Shin Meridian 170 and STOCK LLM/HP

Founder and owner, Allen Friedman of TriState Container Corporation, had the foresight to develop a separate company in 2008 specifically devoted to the design and production of displays. That vision was the basis of the establishment of ProCorr Display and Packaging allowing TriState to expand its line of services and augment its successful container and packaging business to include high-end marketing and point-of-purchase displays. Driven by high-quality standards, attention to detail and outstanding customer service, TriState Container has become one of the most well-respected display makers in the Eastern Region.

In order to offer this new line of service to their existing business operations, TriState Container needed to evaluate and choose a labeler that would offer easy set-up, provide highly-reliable and continual operation and support the production of 5,000 sheets per hour with superior registration. The STOCK LLM/HP spot and full sheets laminator met those criteria and offered additional advantages that would promote this new sector of the business into a successful enterprise. Following the selection of the STOCK LLM/HP Labeler, TriState Container then sought to purchase a new flatbed die cutter that offered many similar attributes as the STOCK LLM/HP. The Young Shin Meridian 170S met the criteria that would complement the increased business while yielding a cost-effective initial purchase and on-going low operational costs. The Meridian 170S die cutter offered the production throughput needed to mirror the production speed of the STOCK Labeler, while offering tight registration and unparalleled reliability. TriState Procorr’s plant protocol supports a well-trained operations team and regularly scheduled maintenance updates that allows both the STOCK and the Young Shin to run as smoothly and efficiently as brand new equipment.

Young Shin Meridian 170 and STOCK LLM/HP