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Client Snapshot

Process Displays, Inc. (PDI) – Minneapolis, MN

Young Shin Giant 210 (2 units) and STOCK “A” Model Mounter

The PD Tempo division of Process Displays is a premier display maker located in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. In 1997, the firm purchased a fully-automatic STOCK mounter that handles a sheet sized at 65” wide x 78” long. The STOCK mounter offers the tightest registration available on the market today that is mandatory to meet PD Tempo’s highest level of quality display output. PD Tempo expertly manages the operation of the mounter with its highly-trained operators and also maintains the mounter at peak operating conditions with a rigorous internal maintenance program. Since the STOCK mounter has been installed for over 18 years, it would not be uncommon for maintenance costs to escalate. However, Process Displays’ maintenance costs since January 2013 have amounted to only $8,745.00. After 18+ years of continuous operation, PD Tempo enjoys the precise +/- 1/64” registration that is a hallmark of the STOCK mounter and continues to enjoy modest maintenance costs, minimal downtime and stellar performance.

In 2001, Process Displays purchased its first Young Shin Giant 210 die cutter. Until that time, the firm was operating multiple clamshell die cutters with production speed on large displays only 200 sheets per hour necessitating two full-time operators. The easy operation and use of the Young Shin Giant 210 die cutter required only one operator with throughput averaging 1,800 plus per hour. In 2007, Process Displays purchased a second Young Shin Giant and added the stripping option to the unit adding to their precision and clean operation of very intricate stripping requirements needed to address the changing demands of their clients.

Young Shin Giant 210 (2 units) and STOCK 'A' Model Mounter