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Client Snapshot

WestRock – Adams, WI

Integrated System – Young Shin Zenith 185 and STOCK AHPL + S109D Single Face Sheeter

WestRock (the new organization formed between MWV and RockTenn) is recognized as one of the nation’s most productive merchandising organizations. With installations around the country, the Adams, Wisconsin plant operated two label laminators that were running about 95% full labels with about a 30-minute make-ready on each device. The firm’s representatives attended the global Drupa exhibition in Germany and personally outlined their applications and goals with both Gunter and Lothar Stock, owners of Stock Maschinenbau GmbH. STOCK and Young Shin USA collaborated on a solution to enhance production while streamlining operational requirements and manpower. Our team proposed the STOCK SRSL 7 In-Line Single-Face sheeter since their goal was to produce single-face sheets. At the same time, STOCK proposed the AHPL 1650/2050 Laminator with an integrated inverter and stacker. The AHPL sets up in under 10 minutes and with the abbreviated run lengths, this device could run the job before their older equipment could even be set-up.

The client also needed a new die cutter that would be compatible with their existing Bobst® dies. The Young Shin Zenith 185 die cutter offered that compatibility and also the production speeds, economical price point and ease of operation that would provide greater productivity within the Adams plant facility. Since safety is a priority at WestRock’s facilities, the Young Shin Zenith 185 enhanced that corporate objective with its incorporation of today’s leading safety technologies as a standard part of the equipment’s design and engineering. The Zenith 185 also incorporates UL-listed wiring and electrical components furthering its compatibility and safety within this prominent corporate manufacturing environment.

Integrated System - Young Shin Zenith 185 and STOCK AHPL + S109D Single Face Sheeter