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Young Shin REVOTEC 106SB

The Young Shin REVOTEC 106SB (stripping and blanking) is an automatic flatbed diecutter specifically designed to productively handle multiple outs. The REVOTEC 106SB offers unrivaled features and advantages when compared to other stripping and blanking diecutters in the market. The unit features:

  • A highly-economical alternative to other available brands in the market
  • The electronics of the REVOTEC 106SB are UL-certified including UL-wiring.
  • A diecutter designed and manufactured utilizing superior materials and workmanship offering a 20% greater weight advantage as compared to other rival models
  • A 25% greater impressional tonnage capacity providing optimal flexibility in substrates and speed
  • The versatility of two methods of delivering a job – utilizing an on-pallet delivery when blanking or a normal exit delivery when being utilized as a standard diecutter
Download PDF Floor Plan
Sheet Size Maximum: 41.73” x 29.92”
Minimum: 15.74” x 13.38”
Cutting Size Without Margin Die – Maximum: 41.73” x 29.33”
With Margin Die – Maximum: 41.73” x 29.92”
Inside Chase 44.88” x 29.68”
Minimum Gripper Margin 0.31”
Speed Maximum: 8000 sph
Minimum: 1800 sph
Maximum Cutting Pressure 331 US Tons
Sheet Thickness Paper Substrates: 0.004” ~ 0.060”
Corrugated Board: EB Flute (Max. 0.157”)
Weight 25 US Tons
Micro Adjustment


Micro-adjustment enables the precise adjustment of the cutting plate – right, left, forward and back – to keep the creasing matrix in alignment.

Side Lay System


Standard equipment of pull or push side lays. Photo sensor to detect sheet mis-register.

Die Chase


The die is easily and securely fixed by means of clamps and screws to keep the die flat.



The operator interface with the machine is accessible through the touch screen. This screen displays the status of the machine at all times for quick diagnosis.