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The STOCK “S” Model sheet to sheet laminator is available with options ranging from the Model 123, hand fed machine, up to a fully automatic Model 14R5678 that runs at 8,000 sheets per hour. The STOCK “S” series is a completely modular system that can transform a simple hand fed machine into a semi-automatic or fully automatic high speed machine with the addition of easily installed components.

Working Widths: 49.2”, 59”, 63.7”, 80.7”
Sheet Length: 63.7” (standard); options up to 80.7”
Production: Manual – 1,200 sph
Semi-automatic – 2,000 sph
Fully automatic – 8,000 sph
Set-up Times: Manual = 3 minutes
Semi-automatic = 5 minutes
Fully automatic = 15 minutes
Printed Sheet Feeder: The optional Mabeg printed sheet feeder is available for superior production and tighter registration requirements.
Substrate Feeder: The substrate feeder utilizes a non-stop 4R suction belt feeder.
Laminating Process: The laminating section aligns the sheet against the side guide and mechanical head stop for precise registration.
Pressure Belt: The pressure belt flattens the sheet and allows the adhesive to properly cure and assists in the removal of bubbles and creases.
Down Stacker: An automatic non-stop down stacker and optional inverter are available.
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