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STOCK LM – Semi-Automatic Spot and Full Sheet Labeler

Regardless of size and weight, any corrugated box is suitable for labeling. Primary to the effectiveness of that marketing effort is the size and positioning of the label. Adding a litho-printed label to an exposed panel of a one or two color direct printed corrugated box means to turn it from an ordinary brown box into a value-added and sales promoting point-of-purchase package. Spot labeling is an economical way of adding value to a P.O.P. package. The STOCK Model LM-123/1250 P hand fed spot labelling machine has been designed specifically for easy labeling applications as well as full sheet mounting of different materials.

  • A simple semi-automatic spot labeling machine suitable for running (labeling) substrate sheets, flat boxes, blanks, as well as pre-folded (RSC´s) with litho printed labels. Equipped with an automatic label feeder and take-off table. The label is mounted to the lower side of the substrate sheet.
  • Label Feeder (4E): Suction feeder, for automatically feeding of the labels. The labels have to be pre-loaded on the pile board by hand. Pre-loading height: approx. 7.8”. On sheet removal the pile is re-timing automatically. A suction bar is separating the labels at their front edge, always sucking a single sheet and transporting it into the machine.
  • Label Registering Unit (LM-1) includes a timed suction conveyor that incorporates a separate motor drive that takes the glued labels after leaving the gluing unit and automatically registers the labels. Precise registration is achieved utilizing the unit’s adjustable side and rear edge guides that are set to the dimensions required for the proper registration of the corrugated sheet or box.
  • A 2-cylinder gluing unit is utilized for glue application and metering roller with stripping needles. The glue is applied to the label that is then stripped off the application roller by special stripping needles. The litho printed label will always be glued. The Model LM includes an automatic glue-feeding system with diaphragm pump (P).
  • Squeeze roller that presses the labelled sheets and blanks together.
  • Integrated sensor for detecting and registering the glued label
  • Label registering unit for placing and applying the corrugated blank to the glued label
  • Manual feeding of the corrugated blank or box pressure roller
  • Take-off table for the manual take-off of the labeled sheets / blanks.
  • Integrated sheet counter.
  • Siemens PLC control.
  • Suction belt
Labels: Paper / board from approx. 5 pt. to 20 pt.
Label Width: Approx. 7.8” x 49”
Sheet Length: Approx. 9.8” x 62.99”
Blanks: Sheets, blanks, flat boxes (American boxes)
Sheet Width: Approx. 7.8” x 64.5” (larger upon request)
Sheet Length: Approx. 9.8” x 82.6” (larger upon request)
Output: Approx. 600 – 1,000 labels per hour
Operators: Semi-automatic machine (with label feeder) = approx. 1 – 2 people
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