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Client Snapshot

Post Press – Kansas City, KS


Post Press Specialties is a large, highly-regarded trade finisher for printers located in the Kansas City, Missouri area. The firm completes finely-detailed and extensively complex die cutting and stripping work to complete the jobs originated by quality printers. Many jobs require relatively short runs causing the firm’s staff to manually strip the waste from the die cut stacks. The highly-productive Cartostrip device, represented and sold by Young Shin Industries, was capable of reducing the costly manhours necessary to complete the jobs. In typical fashion, operators were using jack hammers to strip away the outer waste – a dangerous, slow and often-damaging process. The operators at Post Press Specialties were given trial runs of both a Bobst® stripping unit and a Cartostrip device. Unanimously, the Cartostrip clearly outperformed the competitor yielding greater productivity, reduced time and less fatigue on the part of the operators at a much more competitive cost.

The success of the Cartostrip device led the owner to discuss the product with a colleague in St. Louis and within three weeks, another satisfied client of the Cartostrip was enjoying the benefits of this time-saving device.