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Client Snapshot

Firstan Ltd – Huntingdon England


irstan is the UK’s leading independent carton packaging manufacturer producing over 500 million cartons annually primarily serving the pharmaceutical and food retail industries.

To improve efficiency in the firm’s stripping department, Huntingdon-based Firstan Ltd, recently purchased four complete Cartostrip diecut waste stripping systems. “In addition to the stripping tool, the system has a turntable allowing the waste to be directed in one direction and a balancer which eases use and prevents damage,” remarks Richard Alcock, M.D. of Cartostrip, who helped them re-design the layout of the stripping department so the units would work at optimum capacity. The systems operate in individual separated bays to ensure there is no cross contamination between the products being processed. Each bay also has a floor-mounted waste suction facility that automatically removes the stripped waste from the guns and transports it some 100 meters into a twin compactor system. Firstan’s original waste extraction system was upgraded with the latest technology – Rotary Separator – that can process larger waste faster, without blocking. Reliability and efficiency is extremely important in such a busy manufacturing environment.

“Firstan has looked at power stripping tools over recent years and decided that now was the time to implement the project, deciding on the Cartostrip for its durability and safety features not found in many other machines,” says Alan Moseley, Finishing Supervisor at Firstan. He continues, “In less than one-third of the time it used to take, Cartostrip gives us a clean undamaged stack of blanks that results in less wastage and improved gluer through-put. We now also enjoy greater all-around efficiency in our stripping department.”