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Young Shin Quest 270

The Quest 270 is a die cutter specifically developed by South Korean-based Young Shin Industries to address the growing need for die cutting short-run digital printing output.  The global digital printing industry will reach a volume of $187.7 billion in 2018 up from $131.5 billion in 2013 necessitating the need to address this growing segment of the industry.

The Quest 270 die cutter for short-run output provides advantages such as:

  • A wide variety of sheet sizes from 106.3” x 66.93” (max.) to 25.60” x 17.72” (min.)
  • Low entry cost that provides the precision and speed of die cutting short run digital printing jobs.
  • Can reduce the job set-up time by half, compared to a non-short run die cutter.  Estimated set-up time for the Young Shin Quest 270 Die Cutter is 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Efficiently and cost-effectively handles short runs from 10 sheets to 2,500 pieces.
  • The Quest 270 is modestly sized, fitting into existing environments.
  • Allows the facility to streamline the use of existing equipment for longer run jobs preventing the necessity of stopping and re-starting expensive and more complex equipment.
  • Enhances your operation’s range of jobs with higher productivity and greater profitability.
  • The Cost of Ownership of the Young Shin Quest 270 die cutter is astonishingly low.
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Specification Quest 270
Maximum Sheet Size 106.30” x 66.93”
Minimum Sheet Size 25.60” x 17.72”
Maximum Cutting Size 106.70″ x 67.32″
Maximum Sheet Thickness 0.039″ up to optionally 3”
Maximum Speed 300 SPH
Maximum Cutting Pressure 550 U.S. Tons
Moving Table Type = Stroke: Knuckle
Total Length 14.67’
Total Width (Inc. Oper. Platform) 18.50’
Total Height 8.20’
Total Weight 86 U.S. Tons


The Quest 270’s flatbed technology increases productivity by 10% – 15% since a new sheet can be placed on the platen while removing the completed die cut sheet without sheet waste falling into the machine.



Includes sophisticated electronics at the front of the unit that control the Quest 270’s pressure settings with an easy-to-use four-button system that can be easily adjusted and precisely aligned.



Clear and simple readings ensure quick problem resolution. Operator-friendly controls allow easy adjustments. Machine position read out.